What We Do

Excel In Leaving A Mark.

After losing their son Jason in a tragic accident, parents Joe & Dolly Madachy wanted to honor their son in a positive way - to build Jason’s legacy based on what he hoped to accomplish before his life was cut short – to Excel In Leaving A Mark through medicine.


How It Works

The Jason Madachy Foundation is a 501-C3 established to provide stethoscopes to first year medical students.  The foundation was started in 2008 in memory of Jason who tragically lost his life prior to starting medical school. He understood the importance of giving back and wanted to leave a legacy of making a difference once he became a physician.

The stethoscope is the most recognizable and iconic tool of a physician and is the instrument by which physicians all over the world have and continue to touch the hearts of their patients.  Each stethoscope is engraved with the phrase “Excel in Leaving a Mark”. We hope this simple inscription will inspire and remind these students why they had chosen such a noble profession.

The Jason Madachy Foundation can assist your medical school in providing stethoscopes to your incoming medical student based on the following structure:

  • Year One 50%

  • Year Two 25%

  • Year Three 15%

  • Year Four 10%

The remainder of these costs would be funded through grant money or Alumni contributions through your Medical School. The foundation wishes to further the charitable and education purpose of these funds by establishing The Jason Madachy Foundation, (Your Medical Schools Name) and Alumni Society Stethoscope Fund. This fund will be named as such and  managed through a permanently restricted account used specifically for this purpose and in perpetuity. A representative from both your school or alumni, and the Jason Madachy Foundation would present the stethoscopes to your students. We hope that by working together we can bring your current students and alumni together to form a stronger bond through this experience.

Prior to the graduation ceremony the Jason Madachy Foundation would co-sponsor an intimate reception for the students where they can share their experiences with one another before they leave for their respective residency programs. This intimate setting will allow us to reach out to your students to remind them to give back in kind to their medical school and consider sponsoring a stethoscope for a new medical student.

Through a co-operation between both Osteopathic and Allopathic Medical Schools we continue to fulfill Jason’s dream of helping others. This is done not only through the presentation of these stethoscopes, but by sharing Jason’s story. It is truly humbling to be given the opportunity to support our future physicians and remind them to step outside of their comfort zone like Jason had to truly make an impact on not only their patients, but to one another.

Physicians have presented not only white coats, but also stethoscopes to incoming medical students for years.  It is a time honored tradition that has become the cornerstone of our foundation.  Understanding the relationship between entering medical students and established physicians helps inspire new medical students to become equally dedicated physicians.  This relationship is portrayed in many avenues, but none more prestigious than sponsoring a white coat through a university, or sponsoring a stethoscope through our foundation.  We hope that you will continue to help fuel this profession with inspired individuals, like yourself, who are trying to make a difference from that very first step in becoming a physician.