Our Board Of Directors



Jan Clinton

Involvement in my Community, non-profits and public fundraising has been part of my life for the past 30 years.  One of my specialties has been to help promote many non-profits that I have been involved with.  In addition, I have helped many with their fundraising efforts during their dinner/auctions.  One of my specialties is handling the ticket sale and finances during these events.

I retired as the Warden of the Euclid Police Department in 2014. It was at the Police Department where I got the chance to know not only Joe, but also his wife Dolly and their boys, Jason and Jeff.  I have known the Madachy family for 30 years.  When asked if I would like to be on the board for the foundation I was happy to lend my support. I am proud to be on this board working to fulfill the dream of a young medical student who just “wanted to make a difference”. Joe and Dolly were inspired by Jason’s and created this Foundation to keep that passion alive. I have had the opportunity to meet many of the students who received the Foundation Stethoscopes and they have all stated that the words “Excel In Leaving A Mark” engraved on the stethoscopes is a constant reminder that we are all here to make a difference.

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JoE Madachy

Having a passion for helping people Joe Madachy was a police officer for over 23 years, and was also on the SWAT team.  Each year Joe and his son’s would raise money for Special Olympics during the Police Department Torch Run. Nothing can replace the loss of a son, but Jason’s passion for the medical field was the inspiration for creating the Jason Madachy Foundation.  In the memory of Jason, the Foundation is able to make a difference in peoples’ lives through a simple tool of a stethoscope.  Through the foundation’s mission to “Excel In Leaving A Mark” Joe hopes those who receive a stethoscope understand that we are all here to make a difference.

Joe along with his wife Dolly travel across the US presenting these stethoscopes.  They are able to tell Jason’s story, and explain first hand to these students the importance of giving back.  While in college, Jason was in charge of philanthropy through his fraternity, and also helped to establish a medical fraternity while at Miami University.  It is because of this that his parents feel so strongly in reaching out to every student who received these stethoscopes.

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Rich Fellenstein

Commitment to fundraising has been Rich Fellenstein’s passion most of his life.  Rich is president and founder of Vinters in Northeast Ohio, which is where his creative management skills for the Jason Madachy Foundation stems.  He is a retired supervisor of a production aircraft facility. Rich has known the Madachy family for over 15 years, and like them has two boys.   He loves the opportunity to spend time with his family, and understands the importance of these relationships. When asked if he would be interested in becoming a board member, he did not hesitant to jump at the opportunity. In 2014 Rich had the opportunity to attend a White Coat Ceremony which proved to be one of the most gratifying moments when he realized that the foundation’s stethoscopes were more than just an instrument.  They serve as a rite of passage to each of these new medical students to “Excel In Leaving A Mark” Rich’s priority is to actively work on establishing Corporate Sponsorship for the foundation, and looks forward to helping the foundation receive national recognition.


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SHaun Hardon

Shaun Hardon has always felt a driving need to help others no matter what the cause may be which helped him find and excel in his current career path. With a background going on 16 years in the Hospitality Industry, Shaun has a wealth of experience in helping countless charities with donations in addition to hosting fundraising events for them.  He often felt inspired by his Cousin Jason’s passion for Philanthropy and his determination to excel in supporting the cause. When asked to participate in raising donations for this charity, and eventually to join the Board, Shaun knew it was his chance to honor his cousin’s memory by driving to make this charity a success story.


Jeremy Moore

Jeremy Moore is a practicing Emergency Medicine physician in Dayton, Ohio. He attended Miami University, and it was here that he became great friends with Jason through their mutual involvement in Sigma Pi Fraternity and various other pre-medical activities. Jeremy strives to live each day with the same caring and passionate nature Jason demonstrated. The “Excel in Leaving a Mark” mission statement engraved on his stethoscope is a daily reminder of Jason’s legacy. Jeremy believes Jason’s story is truly helping physicians be more compassionate, and in turn, to provide better care. He is thrilled to be a member of the Jason Madachy Foundation Board, with hopes that he can continue to positively change the world by sharing Jason’s legacy.

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Matt Molzan

Fundraising, spreading awareness, and volunteering for non-profits is something Matthew has been doing since college where he served as Philanthropy Director for the Coastal Carolina University chapter of Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity. He organized events for PUSH America which serves children with disabilities as well as donated his time to the Waccamaw Animal Rescue Mission which is dedicated to accepting animals of all kinds as a no-kill refuge. He also participated in highway clean-ups and campus awareness events.

Matthew graduated in 2008 from Coastal Carolina University with a double major in both English and Communication and spent four years working at Huntington National Bank in Columbus, Ohio. He is currently writing grant proposals and donation requests for the foundation. Jason was his cousin and the same age as him growing up. He lives close to Jason’s brother, Jeff, who is also a physician. The importance of patient, giving back to others, and championing the causes of physicians is near and dear to Matthew as his wife, Janice, is also a physician.

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Josh Marks

Josh Marks is a graduate of the College of Business Administration at Kent State University. He currently works as a senior project manager/estimator for Marks Building Company and enjoys working with the customer in picking out material for either a remodel or new construction. Josh also has a passion for giving back to the community through fundraising and volunteering for the local youth, and is a volunteer coach for the YMCA soccer program, Little League umpire, and coach.

Josh has known Jason since 6th grade when they met in middle school. They played soccer together and became best friends in high school. Jason and Josh had a great time on a senior year road trip together through the Appalachia region. Josh will always remember Jason as his best friend. Josh is a father to identical twin daughters who were born at 27 weeks. After a few months in the NICU, they are doing wonderful at the age of 6. It was the care and compassion of these doctors who helped his daughters during this time that made it possible for them to grow up and live the great life they have now. Josh is dedicated to helping the Jason Madachy Foundation in continuing to help the next generation of doctors who will help children like his own.