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Fulfilling Jason’s Legacy

Jason wanted to be a doctor from an early age. In May of 2007 he graduated from Miami University and would have received his white coat from the Joan C. Edward School of Medicine on August 9, 2007, his 22nd birthday. Jason unexpectedly lost his life on June 9, 2007 while on a family vacation. Jason’s love for medicine and his spirit for philanthropy lives on though the Jason Madachy Foundation.


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Our Mission

The Jason Madachy Foundation continues to share the memory of a young man’s desire to become a doctor. His love for philanthropy and medicine continues with each stethoscope provided to new medical students. Each is engraved with “Excel In Leaving A Mark” to echo the unique legacy left by Jason’s brief but joyous life.

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Our Impact

We have had the privilege of seeing the look on the faces of new medical students as they receive their first stethoscope engraved with “Excel In Leaving A Mark.”  Their stethoscope serves as a rite of passage into the noble profession of becoming a physician.  Students also receives our lapel pin with the same inscription.  Our support extends beyond this gift. As these students finish their class work and begin their rotations and residency, we are often reminded of how they see someone with the same stethoscope or lapel pin. It is then that they realize they are now part of the Jason Madachy Foundation Family. We continue to bridge the gap between medical students, residents and physicians who are now all connected because of the love and philanthropy that Jason embodied.   Each dollar raised allows us to support a future physician. What if this doctor saves the life of someone you love!


Million Dollars Raised to help us give back

From Your Heart, To The Heart Of The Student, To The Heart Of The Patient, Leaving A Mark!


thousand stethoscopes donated

We are proud to donated over 5,000 new stethoscopes to to first-year medical students in the United States.


schools visited across the united states

The Jason Madachy Foundation has made an impact at numerous schools and universities across the nation.


Our Supporters

Thanks to all of the wonderful support the Jason Madachy Foundation has received over the years, we have been able to donate more stethoscopes across more universities around the United States. We are very honored to receive the support from the individuals and organizations who have helped us make a difference.


March 2019

The Jason Madachy Foundation is helping new medical students get on the right path to become the best physicians possible.

- Erik, Supporter of The Jason Madachy Foundation



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